Safety & Support

Make a Safety Plan

You can’t control your partner’s behaviour – but you can make a plan to keep yourself and your children safe.

Call the shelter nearest you. They will help you plan the steps to safety.

Creating a safety plan can help you and your children leave home quickly, before your partner becomes violent:

  • Decide where you will go and how you will get there.
  • Memorize emergency phone numbers.
  • Pack an emergency bag for you and the children.
  • Keep important documents together with some cash and extra keys.
  • Decide who can help you and talk to them about your plan.
Emergency Protection Orders - Family Violence Protection Act 

You can apply to the court to have your partner banned from your home, your work place, and your children’s schools & recreation programs for up to 90 days. An Emergency Protection Order is available 24 hours a day. It is a short term measures which gives you time to make plans for your long term safety.

Click here for details including how to apply for an Emergency Protection Order.

Peace Bonds

By itself, a peace bond will not keep you safe. But it can play a part in your safety plan. Visit this site for more information, including how to apply for a peace bond.

What to do if you are experiencing violence

Don’t try to deal with violence and abuse on your own. Talk to someone you trust. Write down what is happening. Call a shelter or visit a Women’s Centre – they are ready to support you.

For Friends and Family

You can help your sister, friend, mother or daughter. Your understanding and support can help build a bridge to her safety and a life free from violence and fear.

Listen to her, believe her and encourage her to get the help she needs. Respect her fear and be patient. Help her find the information and supports she needs. Let her know it is not her fault. Offer to go with her to the shelter, police or hospital. Show her you care. Let her know you will help whenever she`s ready to leave the violence behind.

For more information about how to help, go to these websites:

Learn as much as you can about male violence against women.  You can help stop the cycle of violence.